Hi I am Omer

My hometown is Diyarbakir and I am a very experienced tour guide, not only for my home town but also for Mardin (a very special and ancient site with great views on the mesopothamic region) , Hassan Keyf (Ancient fortress with views of the Tigris, Bridges and Caves).

I love to help people to experience my hometown in all its ancient and contemporary splendour. I am proficient in English, French, Turkish, Kurdish and Russian.

If you wish so, I can arrange accomodation ranging from top-end to guide-book recommended budget places.

You can contact me any time – just write me via email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger:

Email: omer0035@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: +90 534 743 46 30


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14 thoughts on “Hi I am Omer

  1. We’ve had the pleasure to spend a few days with Omer in Diyarbakir in april this year. For almost two days, we had his company in Diyarbakir, where he showed us around the hidden secrets of the old part of this moving multicultural city (very recommendable, because you would otherwise not discover as much interesting places and events by your own). Omer seems to be known in the whole old town and has a tremendous knowledge not only about the interesting past of the sites you discover with him, but also about the present challenges with which the communal society is confronted. Don’t miss the Dengbej sessions of elderly men singing together every afternoon. One day we went to Mardin where we would also have seen much less without Omer at our sides. What he charges you is very reasonable.
    He helped us kindly and patiently for everything from organizig bus tickets to buying wedding rings! He would also come with you to trips for several days in the region (with the possibility of organizing a car) and even invited us to see his home-village. You can call him in advance (+90 (536) 311 42 20) or contact him through facebook to get information and plan something together. Omar speaks Kurdish, Turkish, English, French and Russian!
    Merci beaucoup, Omer, nous espérons, que tu vas bien et qu’on se revoit bientôt.
    Raphael and Marie-Claire

  2. We had the pleasure to cross Omar’s path in the streets of Diyarbakir, one Sunday, and with all friendship, he took us around the old City naturally. he knows very well his country and especially the Diyarbakir region. Thanks to him, we had the opportunity to discover the old Streeets and the very surprisng Culture house of the Kurdish culture, where the elder gather to singing Kurkish poetry….a very beautfiul moment and a very special thak to Omer, a very friendly guide. Merci beaucoup, Omer, et tous nos voeux de succès pour une meilleurs mise en valeur du patrimoine et découverte touristique du patrimoine kurde…et arménien !
    Stéphane, Alexandra et Carolina

  3. It was really a pleasure to spent my time with Omar in Diyarbakir. He is really helpful and knows every stone in his town. I highly can recommend a tour with him.
    Omar, hope to stay in contact.

  4. Had a lovely tour around the old city of Diyarbakir with Omer. He is a great guide, full of information and will take you wherever you want to go. You just can’t get the intimate insight into the feelings of a city without walking around with a local. Can’t recommend enough. We caught him later in the day but still fit in loads of beautiful and culturally rich spots. If you end up in Diyarbakir get in touch with Omer.

  5. I had a wonderful tour with Omer around Diyarbakir. He took me to see many sights of interest all around the city including mosques, churches, the walls, Kurdish singing, the museum, the bazaar and many hidden caravanserai. Many of these places I would never have known or found by myself. I especially liked that he was very thorough and took me to all the places I asked to see (unlike some guides who don’t want to visit all the places or only make a shorter tour) and he also showed me many nice places I would never have known. Thanks to him it was a pleasure walking round Diyarbakir and hearing about the history, and for a very reasonable choice. As I was travelling by myself I decided to use Omer’s services and I didn’t regret it, I enjoyed my visit much more. I can highly recommend Omer as a guide and thanks to him I saw all the city’s sights in one day, thanks for a great visit Omer!

  6. We did a recent tour with Omer in Diyarbakir and we had a lot of fun. Omer is very flexible, kind, and tries to adjust the tour to your interests and schedule. He’s originally from Diyarbakir, so he knows the city very well, and it’s apparent that he knows lots of people by extending greetings and ‘hello’s’ left and right. We were happy we found Omer and his page, and can very much recommend him if you want to have someone that shows you around and tells you some more info on the city itself.

  7. Ömer est un guide formidable ! Si vous aller dans l’Est de la Turquie, il faut absolument le contacter. Il parle très bien le français et plusieurs autres langues. Il connaît tous les secrets de Diyarbakir et la région. Merci pour tous, nous avons passer de super moment ensemble.

  8. Ömer is fantastic! I’m so glad that we had him as our tour guide. He was funny and very patient with us. We enjoyed the way he showed us around his city, although we were not completely focused during the whole trip, it didn’t bother him to stay calm and kind. Nothing but admiration for Ömer. Next time I will definitely have him showing us around again. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us, and hope to see you soon again. Greetings from Angelo and “Tot de volgende keer”

  9. Omer is wonderful! Very knowledgeable about the area, helpful as can be, fun to be around, and a great communicator! I’m happy to call him a friend and my visit to Diyarbakir wouldn’t have been the same without him!

  10. We met with Omer in the hotel. We had excellent an excursion with him.
    Omer showed interesting places, told stories about history and living in Turkey.
    Best wishes and best recommendations!

    Мы познакомились с Омером случайно в отеле. И он провел нам отличную экскурсию по городу. Показывал такие места, которых нет в путеводителях.
    Наилучшие рекомендации!

  11. Super freundlicher und erfahrener Reiseleiter mit hervorragendem Insider wissen.
    Danke noch für die Empfehlung des alten Innenhof Kaffees und des alten Terrassen Restaurants. Lecker!

  12. Un super guide. Attentionné, ayant envie de faire découvrir sa ville sous tous ses aspects, aussi bien le patrimoine que la culture ou la vie locale. Et il y réussi parfaitement.
    N’hésitez pas à le contacter pour votre séjour dans la région, il saura vous organiser cela parfaitement.
    Nous avons adoré la visite de Diyarbakir, la découverte d’endroits insolites et la rencontre avec beaucoup de personnes très plaisantes.

  13. Omar est un guide merveilleux, chaleureux et généreux, avec une vraie passion pour sa ville. Nous avions 2 heures à peine, et grâce à lui nous avons plongé dans un monde fascinant..
    Nous reviendrons!
    Merci Omar de tout cœur
    Claire et Laure de Montpellier, France

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